Broggi Gualtiero Marchesi Set 24 Cutlery Polished Steel

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The world-renowned brand Broggi 1818, italiancutlery and flatware, presents the sinuous and refined GUALTIERO MARCHESI cutlery collection. The collection is made in collaboration with the master chef of Italian modern cuisine. GUALTIERO MARCHESI collection is proposed in a practical and complete set of 24 pieces. This functional cutlery is characterized by a minimal design, which was specifically conceived to improve tasting experiences. Cutlery is entirely made of stainless steel 18/10, which gives elegance and sobriety to the whole set. It is made up of 6 table spoon, 6 table fork, 6 table knife, 6 tea spoon.
Brand Broggi
Designer Gualtiero Marchesi
Product Color Polished steel
Mounting Assembled
Material Steel
Features Steel Cutlery Broggi Gualtiero Marchesi - Dishwasher safe - The 24 piece set consists of: 6 table spoon, 6 table fork, 6 table knife, 6 the spoon - Broggi Gualtiero Marchesi Set 24 Cutlery Polished Steel
Width CM 0.1
You're reviewing: Broggi Gualtiero Marchesi Set 24 Cutlery Polished Steel

Since 1818, Italian brand Broggi boasts a main important role in the Italian and international markets of cutlery and crockery. Broggi was born about 200 years ago as a workshop in Milan and since then it has never stopped its evolution and growth. This brand maintains both its prestige and classical past, without losing taste and attention towards modern and contemporary tendencies. Broggi’s classical collections are very famous in the international hotel tradition, but it produces also cutlery with modern style in line with new design tendencies. Nowadays, Broggi maintains its leader role in the high-quality cutlery market, thanks to its constant search for perfect proportions, for exquisite materials and for refined shapes and colours. Marchesi collection is one of the most famous series: it is born from the collaboration with the internationally known chef Gualtiero Marchesi, who helped in creating a cutlery set which is specialized in cutting specific foods, helping both gastronomic and culinary experiences.

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Gualtiero Marchesi was born in Milan in 1930. Son of a family of restaurateurs from San Zenone al Po, Marchesi has always grown in a productive culinary environment. From that moment on, he begins his own culinary path. Marchesi deepens his culinary studies among Italy, Switzerland and France, and then he opens his first Michelin-starred restaurant in Milan in 1977. In 1991, he was awarded “Commendatore della Repubblica” by Republic president Francesco Cossiga. Marchesi is one the most famous Italian chefs all over the world. He is considered the founder of modern Italian cuisine and many famous chefs such as Antonino Cannavacciuolo, Carlo Cracco, and Ernst Knam have been his pupils. He is director of Scuola Internazionale di Cucina Italiana of Colorno (Parma) and he founded the Italian Culinary Academy in New York in 2006. Marchesi has always been fond of art and music: his dishes create indissoluble bonds with cooking, music and art. An example can be found in the cutlery collection Marchesi designed for Broggi: well-balanced fusion of style and practicality, GUALTIERO MARCHESI collection aims for simplifying culinary experience without sacrificing l’art de la table.

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