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Welcome to our website “Shop Decor”.
This online shop offer is submitted by Bazzurini S.r.l. company, according to current e-commerce and remote agreements regulation. 

Bazzurini S.r.l. is an official and authorized dealer of all the brands present on the website.

Company’s identifying data
Bazzurini S.r.l.
Via G. Donizetti, 14 – Loc. Pedrocca
25046 Cazzago San Martino, Brescia 

VAT number: IT 01620550986
Tax code and Companies Register Brescia: 01620550986
REA Code: BS0331771
Joint Stock € 61.000,00 i.v.

Tel.: +39 030 7730098           
Fax: +39 030 7731814           
E mail: [email protected]

All information found on the website www.shopdecor.com (referred to as “the site”) and its international domains is available in Italian, English and German. The prices are in Euros and include VAT at 22%, which has to be applied according to the current regulations and the specific identity of the purchaser: end user (B2C: Business to Consumer) or professional (B2B: Business to Business). It is possible to select other currencies besides Euro: US Dollar or Pound. The instructions given in the Consumer Code L.D. 21/2014 N.21 are applied to purchases made by customers. For clients living in extra CEE countries, the prices are VAT free, but customs fees, and not inclusive of possible customs duties, that will be at buyer's expense and will be requested from the shipping agent at the moment of delivery.

The customer declares to have read and accepted all above-mentioned information and the general selling terms and conditions before making the order.

General selling terms and conditions
The following selling terms and conditions (“General Conditions”) rule the modalities and the selling terms and conditions of the products sold on the site Shop Decor (“Products”).

All selling agreements of Products by Bazzurini S.r.l. to third parties (“Customers”) are ruled by these General Conditions, which are an essential part of every offer, order and order confirmation. The selling terms and conditions applied to the orders are those in force on the date of the order.

1. Features and prices of the products
2. Invoicing
3. Order execution
4. Delivery times
5. Delivery modalities
6. Failed delivery caused by the absence of the customer
7. Circumstances beyond one's control
8. Products warranties
9. Right of withdrawal
10. Payment
11. Failure to pay – retention of title
12. Claims
13. Security and Privacy Policy
15. Non renunciation
16. Particular conditions
17. Intellectual property
19. Competent court

1. Features and prices of the products
Unless for otherwise stated cases, the prices of the products publicized on the website by Shop Decor. are expressed in Euros and include VAT taxation, which has to be applied according to current regulation. The costs of shipping are excluded and calculated separately. The shippings out of the European Community (extra UE) are also net of possible customs duties that will be at buyer's expense and will be requested from the shipping agent at the moment of delivery. It is possible to select other currencies besides Euro: US Dollar or Pound. The price guaranteed to customers is the one published on the website. Price becomes effective when the order is effectuated. Product prices, which are published time by time by Shop Decor on the site, substitute and cancel former prices and depend on the effective availability of Products.

Shop Decor provides technical and functional features of Products through informative notes published on internet pages, which include item descriptions and which have been given by the corresponding producers. Shop Decor is never responsible for the veracity and the completeness of such information.
Products are not supplied in samples or for a probationary period. Suggestions or hints about product features given by the Shop Decor staff are not considered as binding. Customers can verify him/herself such features on the producer’s site. Thus, s/he is responsible for the choice of the ordered products and for the compliance of the features specified by producers. 

2. Invoicing
Fiscal documents related to ordered products will be provided by Shop Decor as soon as products are shipped to the customer.
Therefore, as the customer confirms the order, s/he must specify the exact data, delivery address and invoicing address for the invoice. The customer must also specify his/her identity as end user (B2C – Business to Customer) or as professional (B2B: Business to Business). This is a necessary element for Shop Decor to issue the invoice. 

3. Order execution
In case Shop Decor fails in the execution of the order (whether depending on the unavailability of the ordered Products), Shop Decor will inform the Customer as soon as possible about the delivery times expected for the supply of unavailable products. In case of a delay superior to 30 days, the customer will be able to confirm with an e-mail (the registered e-mail address linked to his/her account)  whether s/he wants to wait for the product supply or request a refund in case the payment has already been made. 

4. Delivery times
Delivery times can vary from 2 to 35 working days according to the kind of the product ordered, the storage availability and the production state. Product files indicate an approximate delivery time, which can undergo an advance or a delay due to reasons that cannot be attributed to our company.
Delivery conditions given on the site, even though carefully controlled, are purely approximate and can undergo variations due to festivities and/or to delivery destinations. For such reasons, Shop Decor does not consider delivery times binding, since they can be confirmed or modified following Shop Decor’s actual necessities. In any case, Shop Decor is not responsible for possible courier delays. Delivery times are expressed in working days and can be found in each product’s page.
When delivery orders contain items with different delivery times, the deadline corresponds with the latest delivery limit of the ordered items. Possible lesser-than-30-days delivery delays do not allow the customer to refuse product deliveries nor to request a refund or severance compensations.
In case of necessity, Shop Decor claims the right to deliver items separately, even if they are included in the same order. 

5. Delivery modalities
Ordered products are delivered to the address given by the customer in the order.
Deliveries take place after receiving the confirmation of payment: in case of bank transfers or Sofort banking, the payment is attested by the credit on our account; in case of a credit card payment, it is attested by confirmation of the occurred transaction.
Our deliveries are entrusted to specialized couriers like UPS, TNT, DHL, GLS, DACHSER and others. They are all specialized in furniture deliveries, in order to guarantee a high standard service, together with the completeness and the quality of the products.
At his unquestionable discretion, Shop Decor has the right to choose freely a courier for the goods delivery.
From 2 to 5 working days usually pass between shipping date and delivery date to the customer, according to the destination. Islands and disadvantaged places usually require a few more days.
Delivery is considered completed when the product is given to the customer. The customer will date and sign the delivery note given by the courier after the delivery of the product, and the note will become proof of the goods consign.
It is possible for customers to pick up their orders on their own, upon appointment, at the following address:

Bazzurini S.r.l.
Via Caduti, 71 – Loc. Pedrocca
25046 Cazzago San Martino, Brescia, Italy
Tel: +39 030 7730098 – Email: [email protected]

The request must be expressly submitted per email during the order.

Delivery to a specified floor and assembling
The delivery will be given at the entrance of the property, exclusively at street level since no deliveries are brought to upper floors. Furthermore, collection of used furniture isn’t provided.
Shop Decor does not offer assembly services, unless it has been planned with the customer in advance and in writing.
Most part of our products is delivered pre-assembled: assembling is usually easy and has to be made by the customer; it normally consists in assembling already defined pieces. 

Precautions for the Customer
At the time of delivery, the customer must verify the completeness and the conditions of the product. Therefore, at delivery, Shop Decor invites the customer to verify the conditions of the delivered products before signing the delivery receipt. S/he has to give special attention to:
-  the number of delivered items, since it must correspond to the one written in the shipping receipt;
-  the completeness of package that must be intact, not wet nor damaged; the customer must check the completeness of contents, too.

In case of partial damage (for example: one parcel in four received) we suggest accepting the delivery, but to notify immediately the suffered damages in the section “RESERVATION OF CONTROL” (and specifying the cause of this reservation) on the delivery note of the forwarder.
Once the customer has received the goods and has verified a damage caused by transportation, s/he must signal it within 5 days from the receiving of the goods ,according to the directives described in the section 8. “Products Warranties”.
Customer Service might require photographic documentation of received packages as well as a proof of the damage.
If the delivery receipt is signed without endorsing any "RESERVATION", the customer cannot make any objection to the external features of what delivered.

Particular delivery terms and conditions must be agreed in advance between the customer and Shop Decor and must be arranged in writing by Shop Decor. 

6. Failed delivery caused by customer's absence
In case of the addressee’s absence during delivery, the courier will leave an office of transit at the address indicated by the customer. A second attempt will be made the following day at the same address with no additional costs. In case of customer’s absence during the second attempt, Products might be collected following modalities and address given by the courier.

In case of failed collection of the goods within the deadline established by the courier, products will be given back to Shop Decor, which will reimburse the paid price reduced of shipping and returning costs that will be paid by the Customer.

7. Force majeure
The following cases are to be considered as force majeure, apart from those specified by law:

- total or partial strikes, internal or external to the Company;
- stop of means of transport or provisions for any reason;
- governative or legal restrictions;
- computer breakdowns, telecommunication halt included networks and the Internet.

Force majeure will cause the suspension of the order.
If after 3 months parties observe the persistance of the force majeure, the order will be automatically cancelled, unless otherwise agreed.

8. Products warranties
Shop Decor guarantees Products integrity until delivery time (shown below “Shop Decor Warranty”).
According to the Consumer Code, all items of our e-shop are guaranteed for 24 months against compliance flaws, if the customer can be considered a “consumer” (a natural person who acts for purposes primarily outside his/her trade, business or profession).
Warranty coverage is limited to 12 months in all other cases, whether the customer cannot be described as a “consumer”.

8.1 Possible flaws covered by Shop Decor Warranty must be declared by the customer within 5 working days from the delivery date, at risk of forfeiture. If Shop Decor Warranty is implied, the Customer will have the right to receive a substitution of damaged products only, by giving back the original damaged ones. The Customer has not right to be refunded for any damage. Necessary shipping costs of the substituted items are at the expenses of Shop Decor.

8.2 It being understood what stated in previous paragraph 8.1, Shop Decor does not give any further warranty on the products than those provided by single producers. Products technical support and maintenance services are covered by warranty and are carried out by single producers, according to conditions and modalities found in the documents attached to products themselves. In particular, Shop Decor does not provide neither warranty on product compatibility with other products and/or devices used by customers, nor a warranty on product suitability for the customer’s specific purposes.

8.3 Excepting cases of crimes or serious injustices caused by Shop Decor, it is already agreed that for every kind of responsibility that Shop Decor has towards the Customer (including total or partial non-fulfilment of obligations concerning order executions that Shop Decor has towards the Customer ), such responsibility cannot be higher than the price of the purchased products that have been contested. 

9. Right of withdrawal
9.1 According to Legislative decree 21/2014 n. 21, the Customer, whether identifiable as a “consumer” (a natural person who acts for purposes primarily outside his/her trade, business or profession), has the right to terminate the agreement and to return ordered products with no penalties and no need to specify the cause, within 14 working days starting from products receiving.

9.2 The right of withdrawal, as described in the previous paragraph 9.1, must be claimed by the customer by sending:
•A registered letter to: Bazzurini S.r.l. – Via G. Donizetti, 14 – 25046 Cazzago San Martino (BS) – Italy
•By sending a certified mail to [email protected] within the deadline of 14 working days starting from products delivery.

Such notice can be sent also via telegram or fax (within the fixed deadline) to Bazzurini S.r.l., number +39 030 7731814, but only if confirmed by a registered letter or a certified mail within 48 hours after the sending of the telegram or fax.

9.3  All returned goods (which must be complete and accompanied by original package) must be authorized by Customer Service. Once return is authorized, the customer can return all items to the following address:

Bazzurini S.r.l. – Via G. Donizzetti, 14 – 25046 Cazzago San Martino (BS) – Italy.

Cash on delivery payments are not accepted.

9.4  Once Shop Decor has received the products (and has verified their completeness), the company will credit as soon as possible to the customer the costs of returned products, according to the conditions described in the paragraph 9.5.

9.5  Refund modalities: “Credito Shop Decor” (Shop Decor Credit) or “credit on current account”.
a. Whether the customer requires “Credito Shop Decor” (Shop Decor Credit), the collection of the products will be carried out by an assigned courier at the company’s expenses. Therefore, Bazzurini S.r.l. will free the customer from returning cost obligations and will relieve him/her from the responsibility in case of product loss or damaging during the transportation. Upon receiving the returned products, the conditions of the items will be checked. After accepting the goods, a credit of the same amount of the returned goods will be created.  Such credit will be found in the section “Your Account”. When the customer purchases other products, the remaining credit will be automatically used for the entire or partial payment of the new order (until the available credit is completely used).
b. Whether the customer requires a current account re-credit, the returning costs of the products will be at his/her expenses. Responsibilities in case of loss or damage of the products during the transportation are considered to be at the expenses of the customer. Upon receiving the returned products, the conditions of the items will be checked, and once the products are accepted back, the company will make a bank transfer on the previously specified current account. Required time for bank account credits depends on the payment modalities chosen by the customer during the order; however, they will not exceed 30 days.
c. In any case, transportation costs for the first delivery will never be refund, so they will be definitely at the expenses of the customer.

9.6  The right of withdrawal explained in the paragraph 9.1 cannot be claimed by the customer if the purchased products consist of custom-made items, which do not belong to the standard products available on the site.

9.7  During the withdrawal period specified in the article 9, the customer is responsible for the items as a keeper. In case of product damaging or destruction during the customer’s custody, the right of withdrawal will not be considered any longer valid.

10. Payment
The whole cost of the order has to be paid at order’s confirmation.
The Customer can pay as described on the site in the section “Payment Methods”, that is:

  • by credit card (in this case, the Customer guarantees to Shop Decor that s/he has the necessary authorizations to pay the order by credit card);
  • by bank transfer to Shop Decor (in this case, Shop Decor has the right to proceed with the order only when bank transfer is received on the company’s account – bank account details must be specified at the time of the order);
  • by PayPal (the Customer guarantees to Shop Decor that s/he has the necessary authorizations to pay the order by Paypal);
  • by SOFORT banking (in this case, Shop Decor has the right to proceed with the order only when bank transfer is received on the company’s account).

11. Failure to pay – Retention of title
Ordered items are property of Shop Decor until the final and complete payment of their whole price (according to the article 1523 and followings of the Customer Code). Shop Decor has the right to claim ordered items back in case of failed payment.
In this case and as requested by Shop Decor, the customer is obliged to return every non-paid item with delivery costs at his expenses.

12. Claims
Claims due to incompleteness of delivered products are to be sent in writing directly to Shop Decor, immediately after the receiving of goods.
The Customer must keep the original package and the delivery receipt.

13. Security and Privacy Policy
Your personal data is transferred encrypted by innovative digital security systems. Our website is protected against damaging, alteration or unauthorized access, thanks to an innovative updated technology.
We protect your personal data transfer thanks to a secure connection, which guarantees the safe transfer of your personal data and of your credit card and your bank account data.
The digital processing of this data, included the management of users email addresses on the Site, is carried out according to legislative directives.
The Customer should read carefully the complete Privacy Policy, which is applied even when the user accesses Shop Decor website and its services without purchasing any product. Privacy Policy helps the customer to understand in detail how personal data are collected and for what purpose they are used.

14. Cookies
What cookies are and how they are used
Cookies are small text files send by a web site on the hard disk of the user’s computer. Cookies allow a connection between the user’s computer, the navigation on the site and the profile eventually created by the user. They are not specifically personal, but they can be connected to personal information. Cookies used by Bazzurini S.r.l. are temporary (they aren’t saved on the hard disk when the session is closed): when the user logs in the site and inserts User Name and Password, the cookies provide his identification and enable the access to the services according to the user’s personal profile. 
Some cookies are also used anonymously for statistical purposes about the use of the services.
There are two different kinds of cookies: “session cookies” and “persistent cookies”.
“Session cookies”, after having been downloaded, are cancelled when closing the browser; “persistent cookies” are stored on the hard disk of the user until their expire time.
Session cookies accelerate traffic analysis on the Internet and facilitate the access to site services for the users. Session cookies are mainly used during authentication, authorization and navigation of the services accessible through registration. Most browsers are enabled to accept cookies. 
Most browsers are set to accept cookies.

Further explanations can be found in “Cookies” section of our Privacy Policy page.

Browser setup 
Usually browser settings can be easily modified, following this procedure:

  • select “Internet Options” or “Preferences” in the Tools Menu, “View” or “Edit”;
  • select Privacy or “Protection” or Download and choose the desired settings.

Further information is available in the user’s manual or in the browser’s “Help” file. It is even possible to collect further information at the web address of the used browser.

15. Non renunciation
The fact that Shop Decor does not exercise any one of the rights under the Terms and Conditions shall not be deemed to be a waiver on its part of that right, since Shop Decor can exercise it in any time.

16. Particular conditions
For everything else that has not been specified, Shop Decor refers to legislative directives.
No other general or particular condition communicated by customers can  be added or excluded by general conditions.
Shop Decor must expressly accept any other particular and/or different conditions in writing.

17. Intellectual property
Bazzurini S.r.l. is the only owner of “Shop Decor” registered brand names and trademarks and of all marks containing the words “Shop Decor”, included the domain name “shopdecor.com; shopdecor.it; shopdecor.de; shopdecor.es; shopdecor.eu; shopdecor.biz”.
All the contents on “Shop Decor” e-commerce site, such as works, pictures, texts, music, sounds and videos, brands, trademarks, website’s design and any material, in any format, are protected by copyright and by all intellectual property rights of Bazzurini S.r.l. and of any other owner. Reproducing what previously described totally or partially, without the written consent of Bazzurini S.r.l., is strictly forbidden.
Any other feature distinguishing products sold by Bazzurini S.r.l. through and on Shop Decor e-commerce site, are registered trademarks and are used on Shop Decor only in order to describe and advertise products on sale on the site itself.
Therefore, the Customer is not authorized to use such trademarks to mark products or services unrelated to the ones of Shop Decor or to other represented trademarks owners, unless Bazzurini S.r.l. and/or other trademarks owners have given their approval.

18. Links to other web sites                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
Shop Decor site can contain some links connecting to other web sites unrelated to Shop Decor.
Shop Decor does not control nor supervise such web sites and their contents. Shop Decor cannot be considered responsible for the contents of these sites, of their conditions and rules concerning privacy and treatment of personal data during the site access. Therefore, we suggest being careful while connecting to these sites through the links found on Shop Decor and reading carefully their general conditions and privacy directives.

19. Competent court
The agreement between the Customer and Shop Decor is considered as signed in Italy and it is thus ruled by Italian legislation. In case of controversy or lack of friendly agreements between the non-consumers parts, all controversy linked to these General Conditions will be settled only by the Court of Brescia (Tribunale di Brescia). 
In accordance with the articles 1341 and 1342 of the Civil Code, the customer declares to have carefully read and understood and to have accepted the following clauses of the General Selling Terms and Conditions by Bazzurini S.r.l.: 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 – 7 – 8 - 8.1 - 8.2 - 8.3 – 9 - 9.1 - 9.2 - 9.3 – 10 – 11 – 12 – 13 – 14 – 15 -16 – 17 – 18 - 19.