Toiletpaper-Tovaglia-Insects.png Seletti Toiletpaper tablecloth green with insects decor Seletti Toiletpaper tablecloth green with insects decor Seletti Toiletpaper tablecloth green with insects decor Seletti Toiletpaper tablecloth green with insects decor

Seletti Toiletpaper tablecloth green with insects decor

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SELETTI WEARS TOILETPAPER’s exclusive originality leads to the creation of a series of bizarre and astonishing tablecloths, result of the smart collaboration of Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari with the brand Seletti. This series of tablecloth is characterized by practicality and versatility: in fact, they are entirely made of vinyl-plastic coated cotton, which makes them easily cleanable. Their irreverent and challenging pictures will add a touch of irony and vividness to your table; Shop Decor here proposes the INSECTS version, with the following dimension L.140 P.210 cm. Its surface is abundantly set with several sweets and delicious dishes, but little unwanted guests hide among them: several well-hidden insects appear now and then among the represented delicacies, causing both fright and laughter to your guests.
SKU toilet-tovaglia-insects-02034
Brand Seletti wears Toiletpaper
Designer Maurizio Cattelan & Pierpaolo Ferrari
Product color Multicolour
Montaggio Assembled
Material Fabric
Short Description Fabric Tablecloth Seletti wears Toiletpaper Maurizio Cattelan - Pierpaolo Ferrari - Tablecloth with insects image - Alimentary use - Cleanable stains - Seletti Toiletpaper tablecloth green with insects decor
Dimension 0.3
Depth INCH 210
Dimension 140
Height cm. 0.3
Depth cm. 210
Width inch. 140
You're reviewing: Seletti Toiletpaper tablecloth green with insects decor
TOILETPAPER brand is born in 2010 as a photo-magazine, founded by Italian haute-couture photographer Pierpaolo Ferrari and Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan, particularly active between Milan and New York. TOILETPAPER has been an instant editorial and media success right from the start. In addition to 10 thousand copies, the brand already owns a wide series of gadgets, purchasable in different contemporary art museums, such as New York’s MoMa; moreover, its pictures have been printed on the covers of the magazines Libération and Wallpaper and on the windows of Palais de Tokyo in Paris and on New York’s High Line. Stefano Seletti, founder of the homonymous brand, has been fascinated by TOILETPAPER magazine since the publication of its first copy. Therefore, he got through to Cattelan and Ferrari in order to give birth to an extremely prolific and successful collaboration: SELETTI WEARS TOILETPAPER. Inspired by Warhol’s Pop Art, the original collection SELETTI WEARS TOILETPAPER reworks it in a contemporary way, proposing a choice of peculiar tableware decorated with the most irreverent images drawn from Ferrari and Cattelan’s magazine. The suggested pictures – an unusual union of surrealism, irony and uneasiness – are printed on materials such as enamelled metal and oilcloth, like those used in the houses of the ‘50s. Black humour and vintage fashion join in a unique and original way in the enamelled metal dishware and in the oilcloths of SELETTI WEARS TOILETPAPER, maintaining both a vintage pop style and the ironic spirit of the magazine. As stressed by Stefano Seletti, the exclusivity of this collection is not given by economic inaccessibility – since this series is within everyone's reach – but by the intellectual courage of those who decide to buy these products.

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Maurizio Cattelan was born in Padua in 1960. Italian artist of international fame, he is principally active between Milan and New York. Ever since his first exhibition in 1991, Cattelan has proved to be an extremely provocative artist: his works are in fact a mixture of sculptures, images and performance (provocative actions, theatrical interpretations, articles for papers). The role of mass media and of public opinion play a fundamental role in his works, which attempt to be a fusion of life and art, reality and fantasy. Some of his most irreverent and famed pieces are: Him, a statue portraying Hitler praying with his tear-filled eyes and L.O.V.E. (Freedom, Hate, Vengeance, Eternity in Italian), a monument that is placed in Piazza degli Affari in Milan in front of Stock Exchange building. The sculpture represents a hand doing a Roman salute, but all the fingers have been chopped off except for the middle finger. After collaborating with the magazines ‘Permanent Food’ with Manfrin and Gongalez-Foerster and ‘Charley’ with Gioni and Subtonick, he founded his photography magazine ‘Toilet Paper’ with photographer Pierpaolo Ferrari in 2010. Pierpaolo Ferrari was born and raised in Milan, where his love of art and photography soon led him to enter the realm of advertising. In 1994, he specialises in advertising photography and works for different brands of worldwide repute: Nike, Audi, Mercedes, Campari, BMW, Sony, Heineken and MTV. Subsequently, his career ran alongside that of fashion and luxury: first he collaborates with the magazine ‘Le Dictateur’ with Federico Pepe, and after that he started working for ‘Vogue Men’. In the last few years, he has started collaborating with Maurizio Cattelan, with whom he has founded the ironic and provocative photography magazine ‘Toilet Paper’. It is from the latter that the exclusive series of cutlery “SELETTI WEARS TOILETPAPER” originated, which was created through the collaboration with the famous brand from Mantua SELETTI.

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