Toiletpaper-Mug-Toad.png Seletti Toiletpaper mug antique beige with toad decor Seletti Toiletpaper mug antique beige with toad decor Seletti Toiletpaper mug antique beige with toad decor Seletti Toiletpaper mug antique beige with toad decor

Seletti Toiletpaper mug antique beige with toad decor

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The original collaboration between TOILETPAPER magazine and SELETTI brand gives birth to the bizarre collection of mugs SELETTI WEARS TOILETPAPER. The most irreverent and original images – born from the hands of Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari and published on their magazine TOILETPAPER – are transposed on the practical collection of vintage mug cups made by SELETTI. The versatility of enamelled metal makes these cups washable in dishwasher and particularly suitable for all kinds of drinks, both hot and cold; plus, the black humour of the printed images – half-way between irony and uneasiness – adds a touch of originality and sarcasm to your breakfasts and breaks with friends. Shop Decor introduces the antique beige TOAD milk mug, with a diameter of 10 cm and with a height of 9 cm, decorated with the funny picture of a toad ready to be served, enclosed in two pieces of hamburger bread.
SKU toilet-mug-toad-16852
Brand Seletti wears Toiletpaper
Designer Maurizio Cattelan & Pierpaolo Ferrari
Product color Multicolour
Montaggio Assembled
Material Metal
Short Description Metal Cup Seletti wears Toiletpaper Maurizio Cattelan - Pierpaolo Ferrari - Mug with toad image - Dishwasher Safe - Alimentary Use - Seletti Toiletpaper mug antique beige with toad decor
Depth INCH 10
Dimension 3 7/8 Inch
Height CM 9
Depth CM 10
Width INCH 10
You're reviewing: Seletti Toiletpaper mug antique beige with toad decor
Il brand TOILETPAPER nasce nel 2010 come rivista fotografica fondata dal fotografo d’alta moda Pierpaolo Ferrari e da Maurizio Cattelan, artista particolarmente attivo tra Milano e New York. Fin da subito TOILETPAPER ha ottenuto un incredibile successo mediatico ed editoriale. Oltre a una tiratura di 10 mila copie, il marchio può vantare una serie di gadget acquistabili in diversi luoghi di culto dell’arte contemporanea, quale il MoMa di New York, due copertine sulle riviste Libération e Wallpaper e degli allestimenti nel Palais de Tokyo di Parigi e sulla High Line di New York. Affascinato dalla rivista dei due artisti fin dalla pubblicazione del primo numero, Stefano Seletti, fondatore dell’omonimo brand di design italiano SELETTI, si è messo in contatto con Cattelan e Ferrari per far nascere una collaborazione estremamente prolifica e di successo: SELETTI WEARS TOILETPAPER. Ispirandosi alla pop art di Warhol e rielaborandola in chiave contemporanea, l’originale e stravagante collezione SELETTI WEARS TOILETPAPER propone un assortimento di stoviglie da tavola decorate con le irriverenti immagini tratte dalla rivista di Ferrari e Cattelan. Le immagini proposte – un’inconsueta commistione fra surrealismo, ironia ed inquietudine – vengono riportate su materiali quali latta e cerata, richiamando così i servizi da tavola degli anni ‘50. Humour nero e moda vintage si uniscono così in modo unico ed originale nelle stoviglie di latta e nelle tovagliette di cerata di SELETTI WEARS TOILETPAPER, mantenendo al contempo sia lo stile vintage pop che lo spirito ironico della rivista. Come sottolinea Stefano Seletti, l’esclusività di questa collezione non viene data dall’inacessibilità economica – proposta con prezzi alla portata di tutti – ma dal coraggio intellettuale di coloro che decidono di acquistare questi prodotti.

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Maurizio Cattelan was born in Padua in 1960. Italian artist of international fame, he is principally active between Milan and New York. Ever since his first exhibition in 1991, Cattelan has proved to be an extremely provocative artist: his works are in fact a mixture of sculptures, images and performance (provocative actions, theatrical interpretations, articles for papers). The role of mass media and of public opinion play a fundamental role in his works, which attempt to be a fusion of life and art, reality and fantasy. Some of his most irreverent and famed pieces are: Him, a statue portraying Hitler praying with his tear-filled eyes and L.O.V.E. (Freedom, Hate, Vengeance, Eternity in Italian), a monument that is placed in Piazza degli Affari in Milan in front of Stock Exchange building. The sculpture represents a hand doing a Roman salute, but all the fingers have been chopped off except for the middle finger. After collaborating with the magazines ‘Permanent Food’ with Manfrin and Gongalez-Foerster and ‘Charley’ with Gioni and Subtonick, he founded his photography magazine ‘Toilet Paper’ with photographer Pierpaolo Ferrari in 2010. Pierpaolo Ferrari was born and raised in Milan, where his love of art and photography soon led him to enter the realm of advertising. In 1994, he specialises in advertising photography and works for different brands of worldwide repute: Nike, Audi, Mercedes, Campari, BMW, Sony, Heineken and MTV. Subsequently, his career ran alongside that of fashion and luxury: first he collaborates with the magazine ‘Le Dictateur’ with Federico Pepe, and after that he started working for ‘Vogue Men’. In the last few years, he has started collaborating with Maurizio Cattelan, with whom he has founded the ironic and provocative photography magazine ‘Toilet Paper’. It is from the latter that the exclusive series of cutlery “SELETTI WEARS TOILETPAPER” originated, which was created through the collaboration with the famous brand from Mantua SELETTI.

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