Seletti Kintsugi tray in porcelain and 24 carat gold
Seletti Kintsugi tray in porcelain and 24 carat gold Seletti Kintsugi tray in porcelain and 24 carat gold Seletti Kintsugi tray in porcelain and 24 carat gold Seletti Kintsugi tray in porcelain and 24 carat gold

Seletti Kintsugi tray in porcelain and 24 carat gold

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Serving tray in white porcelain and 24 carat gold from Seletti's Kintsugi line. The Kintsugi line, designed by Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba for Seletti, draws inspiration from the Kintsugi technique that originated in Japan and involves the use of precious metals such as 24-karat gold, to repair porcelain vessels. The Kintsugi technique of porcelain repair, comes from the philosophy of wanting to transform and restore life to a broken or cracked object and therefore no longer usable, making it even more valuable than before repair. A transformation that in addition to the value of the object itself, gives it a new appearance and allows it to be used again. Seletti with the Kintsugi porcelain line dedicates an entire collection to decorate the table, Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba proposes 6 plates, 3 bowls, 118 inchugs and 3 teacups with saucer, all elements enriched with 24 carat gold.
SKU sele-kintsugi-vassoio-09655
Brand Seletti
Designer Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba
Product color White
Material orcellana
Short Description Seletti Kintsugi tray in porcelain and 24 carat gold - Designer: Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba - Alimentary use - Dishwasher safe
Dimension 3,5
Depth INCH 29,5
Dimension 42,5
Height cm. 3.5
Depth cm. 29.5
Width inch. 42.5
You're reviewing: Seletti Kintsugi tray in porcelain and 24 carat gold
Since 1964, year of its constitution, Seletti has always focused on the research of innovative and distinctive solutions in the field of design. Seletti was founded in Cicognara, Mantua, by Romano Seletti. Since 1972 he has been travelling many times to the Far East, becoming a pioneer in importing home products. This activity continued until the ‘80es, when the international trade radically changed and a new generation, his children Stefano and Maria, began to introduce new ideas in the company. The collection of tableware “Estetico Quotidiano” has been presented: fine porcelain and pyrex glass are the materials used for the objects of this collection, which has already become a classic. Thanks to its enthusiasm, passion, resolution and experimentation, Seletti has created a real brand, becoming famous and recognized all over the world. Its commercial network has spread all over the world and the company has now two official branches: Seletti North America Ltd. and Seletti China. Big investments have been made also in the Seletti headquarter: a new showroom and new storehouses on an area of more than 7.000 m2, whose energy supply derives from one of the biggest photovoltaic systems of the Northern Italy. Seletti’s company strategy aims to the production of common objects that are full of creativity and artistic ideas and are, at the same time, affordable for everybody. The 2013 collections “Florigraphie” (table and pot mats made of straw), “Egg of Columbus” (lamps made of recycled paper) and the new polished dishes and cups mark a return to the original materials. Today Seletti cooperates with many young Italian and international designers, who are quickly becoming famous and who are part of a young group that is developing and growing together. This challenge is leading to very good results. Derived from unusual and original combinations, evocations of art and attention to the daily needs, products made by Seletti enter houses of customers who care for elegance and design, and who want to create their personal and funny way of living.

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Young designer from Lombardy, Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba was born in Massalombarda in 1976. After having graduated at the Art Institute and at the Academy of Fine Arts, he began working for the scenic design of theatres and cooperating with several architecture studios. These cooperation are the source of the great interest of this young towards design. What follows is a design which is highly influenced by arts, a design which puts in its middle Human Being and Nature, his favorite theme. From Nature and from life principles comes the main part of the inspiration of this artist, who thinks at the artistic inspiration as at a perpetual return to childhood games, to fun and euphoria of the discovery of treasures hidden in simple things.

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