Schönhuber Franchi Wallace Mature glass 18.26 us fl oz

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SKU sf-wallace-calice-mature-2340WA000
Brand Schönhuber Franchi
Product color Transparent
Material Glass
Short Description Schönhuber Franchi Wallace Mature glass 18.26 us fl oz - Designer: - Capacity 18.26 us fl oz - Dishwasher safe
You're reviewing: Schönhuber Franchi Wallace Mature glass 18.26 us fl oz
Schönhuber Franchi writes a story of elegance and excellence with competence, passion and high quality. The brand Schönnhuber Franchi has always been associated with some of the best and most iconic luxury hotels of the XX century, obtaining even more credibility in everything related to luxury and boutique hotels, but also to residences, bars and well-known restaurants. Crafting mastery, care of even the smallest details, constructive attention, meticulous selection and perfect use of raw materials are the ingredients of Schönnhuber Franchi magic. Shop Decor presents an exclusive selection of all the best Schönhuber Franchi products, a complete and elegant line in which each single detail is the result of a clean and minimal design that immediately enhances the timeless elegance and sophistication of glass, Fine Bone China porcelain, metal and crystal, and promotes the decorative properties of each raw material. Schönhuber Franchi makes the gestures of the world’s most ancient ritual even more special a unique, interpreting the balanced conversation between aesthetic and function. The results are luxurious products to appreciate and fully enjoy all the flavors and the colors of food, beverages, drinks and wine.

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