Payment Methods

Payment Methods
In order to pay the price of products and any shipping costs, the following payment methods are available:

Bank transfer

  Bank transfer

Clicking on “Place Order Now” you will receive an e-mail reporting the exact amount to be paid and the bank details for the transfer.

Credit card 
Our payment system accepts the following credit cards:

 American Express

Transaction Security
Credit card on-line transactions are directly made on the website of the Bank through a secure server supported by advanced security systems; therefore, paying by credit card on the Internet is not a dangerous operation at all.
According to statistics, retrieving sensitive data from online transactions is a much harder task than stealing them physically.
In fact, while paying the bill at a restaurant or while paying at a gas station, we voluntarily give the credit card directly to an employee, without thinking that the numbers and the information provided can be seen by other people and are therefore easily traceable.

Anti-fraud protection 3D - Secure Code
This process increases the security level and it was exclusively developed for Visa or MasterCard transactions in order to ensure the transaction is carried out between the legitimate owner of the card and the legitimate online retailer.
If the VISA cardholder is registered to the 3-D Secure Code security program,   or the Master card owner is registered to the 3-D Secure Code security program , another query window connected to the customer's bank will open after entering your order data. It will require you to enter another password, in addition to the CV2 security code (CVV2 for Visa, CVC2 for MasterCard), composed by the last three numbers on the back of the credit card.

After entering requested data during purchasing, a pop up will appear:  the customer needs to insert the password and payment will be completed safely. If the credit card is not registered for such security procedures, payment will be carried out without further authentication. In order to know if your credit card is enabled for this service, please contact your bank.  At the end of the payment process you will receive an e-mail confirmation to keep track of your transaction. 



PayPal is the fast, reliable and innovative way to shop online when the customer does not have a credit card, or it possesses it but prefers not to use it online because he does not feel safe.
In this case it can open a PayPal account or pay without registering itself.
When the customer makes the payment with PayPal, it benefits of high standards of protection for online shopping, and also every time it makes a transaction, it will receive a confirmation email to keep track of the transaction made.



Thanks to SOFORT Banking, online shopping is very easy. Sofort is a payment way similar to bank transfer, but with a much faster service. You can easily use your usual home banking data to pay in an easy and safe way. Furthermore, your order can be immediately elaborated because we will receive a confirmation of the transaction in real time. Here are some easy steps to follow:

  1. Select the country and the bank of your online current account that will make the transfer.
  2. Insert your usual data to access the home banking. Thanks to a protected payment form, your data will be transferred encrypted to your home banking.
  3. You will be asked a transaction password in order to authorize the bank transfer. This password is generally single-use, so it can be used just once.
  4. You will receive a summary page of your SOFORT Banking transaction, with Shop Decor’s order confirmation. Therefore, you will have all the required information about your purchase.