KnIndustrie Foodwear Low Casserole bronze

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Revolutionize your kitchen and your way of cooking with the innovative collection of pots FOODWEAR, created by the designer Rodolfo Dordoni exclusively for KnIndustrie. FOODWEAR collection distinguishes itself through its design, high tech and first-rate materials and creates an innovative and versatile kitchenware series. Entirely made of resistant stainless steel, its outer part is of a bronze colour whereas the inner section is polished steel. The innovative three-layered bottom in steel-aluminium-steelallows you to use these products with all kinds of hobs: gas, ceramic, heat or electromagnetic induction. FOODWEAR
SKU kn-foodw-tegame-p
Brand KnIndustrie
Designer Rodolfo Dordoni
Product color Bronze
Material Steel
Short Description KnIndustrie Foodwear Low Casserole bronze - Designer: Rodolfo Dordoni - Capacity 2 7/64 qt. - Suitable for gas, ceramic, heat or electromagnetic induction - Three-layered bottom in steel-aluminium-steel
Height CM 8.5
Depth CM 26
Width INCH 26
You're reviewing: KnIndustrie Foodwear Low Casserole bronze
KN INDUSTRIE is born from the encounter between the long-lasting experience in steel working of Pinti family’s Pintoinox and the innovative talent of the designer Francesco Zani. This project was presented for the first time in 2011 in the crucial centre of Milan’s fashion and design, Corso Como. The objective is clear right from the start: creating a series of products in which originality, courage, environment sustainability and innovation join in order to revolutionize the world of international kitchen and to simplify the usage of kitchenware. Objective cleared. All KN INDUSTRIE’s collections have refined and elegant design, characterized by a deep care for details and impeccable quality. The interest for new design tendencies goes along with a careful use of high-quality materials and the use of high technologies. The union of high-tech, accurate selection of materials, high-level gastronomic culture and environmental care give versatility and functionality without parallel to these products. These qualities will help you to cook with style and effectiveness, without renouncing to simplicity, comfort and high performances. Let KN INDUSTRIE’s functionality and refinement conquer you.

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The architect Rodolfo Dordoni is born in 1954 in Milan. He graduated in architecture at the University of Milan “Politecnico” and after his degree he began to work in the design sector, designing long line-up of products and becoming the artistic director of leading companies in the Italian and international background. His working partnership with Minotti as creative director dates back to 1997 where he oversees the entire realization process of its collections. In 2005 he set up the “Studio Dordoni Architetti” along with Alessandro Acerbi and Luca Zaniboni which operates in the field of architecture and interior design for residential, commercial spaces and development of villas, private homes, showrooms, exhibition stands, restaurants and hotels.

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