KnIndustrie-Assiette-DO-Sky-piatto-fondo.jpg KnIndustrie Assiette D'O Sky Soup Plate diam. 9 inch white - Schönhuber Franchi KnIndustrie Assiette D'O Sky Soup Plate diam. 9 inch white - Schönhuber Franchi

KnIndustrie Assiette D'O Sky Soup Plate diam. 9 inch white - Schönhuber Franchi

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KnIndustrie and Schönuber Franchi collaborate with the Michelin-starred chef Davide Oldani in order to create the series of plates ASSIETTE D’O. Functionality and elegance are the basis of this fantastic collection that can be defined as a wonderful white palette where you can paint your own culinary works of art. Its main characteristic is the white colour of the fine bone china, the material that, with its purity, bewitches the eye of the onlooker who is about to taste the delicious food on the plate. The collection ASSIETTE D’O is composed of various plates, among which the soup plate SKY with a diameter of 23 cm stands out. Make your table more elegant with the plates of the collection ASSIETTE D’O.
SKU kn-do-piat-fond-23-187000470
Brand KnIndustrie
Designer Davide Oldani
Product color White
Material Bone China
Short Description Bone China Plate KnIndustrie Davide Oldani - Plate for high-class cookery, Dishwasher safe - KnIndustrie Assiette D'O Sky Soup Plate diam. 9 inch white - Schönhuber Franchi
Depth INCH 23
Dimension 9 Inch
Depth CM 23
Width INCH 23
You're reviewing: KnIndustrie Assiette D'O Sky Soup Plate diam. 9 inch white - Schönhuber Franchi
KN INDUSTRIE is born from the encounter between the long-lasting experience in steel working of Pinti family’s Pintoinox and the innovative talent of the designer Francesco Zani. This project was presented for the first time in 2011 in the crucial centre of Milan’s fashion and design, Corso Como. The objective is clear right from the start: creating a series of products in which originality, courage, environment sustainability and innovation join in order to revolutionize the world of international kitchen and to simplify the usage of kitchenware. Objective cleared. All KN INDUSTRIE’s collections have refined and elegant design, characterized by a deep care for details and impeccable quality. The interest for new design tendencies goes along with a careful use of high-quality materials and the use of high technologies. The union of high-tech, accurate selection of materials, high-level gastronomic culture and environmental care give versatility and functionality without parallel to these products. These qualities will help you to cook with style and effectiveness, without renouncing to simplicity, comfort and high performances. Let KN INDUSTRIE’s functionality and refinement conquer you.

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Davide Oldani was born in Milan in 1967. Because of an accident, he left his football career and he began to get closer to the food world. He worked and studied side by side the most important chefs, like Gualtiero Marchesi, Albert Roux, Alain Ducasse e Pierre Hermé. In 2003, he opened his restaurant called “D’O” and, a year later, the top restaurant guides include him among the greatest Italian chefs. In 2008, he received the Ambrogino d’Oro, the maximum award given by the City of Milan. He gave lessons in the Business School HEC of Paris (école des Hautes Etudes Commerciales de Paris) and in the Harvard Business School of Boston about his experience as businessman in the restaurant field. He was nominated as Ambassador EXPO 2015 with the saffron as ingredient representative. Davide Orlani collaborates with the monthly magazine La Cucina Italiana, he writes on the kitchen and sport column of the weekly Sport Week and on the IoDonna blog Chiacchierando con Gusto. Thanks to the daily observation of the costumes in his restaurant, he was able to create objects with a “pop” design, that is simple, functional and elegant; his most important collaborations is with KnIndustrie with the plates collection Assiette D’O. Chef Davide Orlani aspires to gain the food pleasure of everyone using high-quality ingredients in a simple way.

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