Bathroom accessories

Every single room and corner of your homes should receive the same attention to details. For this reason, Shop Decor has decided to introduce a collection of objects for your modern bathrooms. In this section, you can find minimal tray containers, in several measures and colours, in which you can insert any bathroom object, such as brushes, toothpastes, shampoos or body lotions. You can also find modern laundry baskets, in different measures and colours too, created and designed in a very functional way. In this section you can find products of top brands, such as Atipico or Alessi. The prestigious brand Seletti wears Toiletpaper has brought its artistic, modern and contemporary design into bathrooms and Shop Decor presents you different objects that will give a touch of creativity to your bathrooms such as modern toilet paper holders, gold toilet brushes or creative soap bars. Come and discover the entire selection here. Order now: fast and on time shipping and personalized customer service, directly at your door.