Diesel with Foscarini Pylon spension lamp ivory
Diesel with Foscarini Pylon spension lamp ivory Diesel with Foscarini Pylon spension lamp ivory Diesel with Foscarini Pylon spension lamp ivory Diesel with Foscarini Pylon spension lamp ivory Diesel with Foscarini Pylon spension lamp ivory Diesel with Foscarini Pylon spension lamp ivory

Diesel with Foscarini Pylon spension lamp ivory

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PYLON is the perfect fion between the world of fashion and the indtrial-inspired casual design, which has now become the unmistakable signature of the Diesel Living with Foscarini brand. PYLON means "trellis" in English and it is no coincidence: starting from the concept of visible pylons in indtrial areas, Diesel Living creates lamps similar to totems that recall the rigid and geometric shapes of high voltage pylons. The PVC lampshade is covered with a layer of ivory-colored linen, which is sewn directly onto the differ and th makes it a unique product of its kind. The linen surface is interspersed with hand-made pleats, creating an effect that recalls the shape of indtrial filters and turbines. The PVC differ allows the internal light to filter through the linen covering the entire surface, creating a warm light and a truly unique and surprising lighting effect. PYLON is available in spension version with bleached natural linen covering, worked with an anti-thread treatment.
SKU die-fosc-pylon-s-LI3771-50-e-us
Brand Diesel with Foscarini
Designer Diesel Creative Team
Product color Ivory
Montaggio To be assembled
Material Metal
Short Description Metal Suspension lamp Diesel with Foscarini Diesel Creative Team - Suspension lamp - Diesel With Foscarini Pylon spension lamp ivory
Light bulb Excluded
Light bulb features Alogena 1 x 116 W E26
Protection Degree Ip IP 20
Attack Bulb E26
Voltage 110 Volt
Depth INCH 54
Height cm. 44
Depth cm. 54
Width inch. 54
Product weight Kg. 1.8
You're reviewing: Diesel with Foscarini Pylon spension lamp ivory
La collaborazione fra Diesel e Foscarini nasce nel 2009, quando i due brand firmano un accordo di licensing allo scopo di unire le loro vaste conoscenze nel campo dell’illuminazione e della moda e di farle convergere nel mondo del design. L’innovatività e l’esperienza di Foscarini si amalgamano alla perfezione con lo stile fresco e moderno di Diesel: nasce così una gamma di prodotti giovanili, unici, eclettici, innovativi, mai visti prima. Lampade dalle forme nuove e futuristiche, nate dalla fusione di materiali diversi e tecnologicamente avanzati, alcune rivestite con gli originali tessuti marchiati Diesel, altre realizzate in elegante vetro soffiato sapientemente lavorato. Il tutto caratterizzato dall’artigianalità e dall’esperienza ineguagliabile di due brand come Diesel e Foscarini.

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Diesel Living’s fancy and creativity in the field of design are fully expressed by Diesel Creative Team. Diesel Creative Team collaborates with the main brands of international design such as Seletti and Foscarini and creates modern, futuristic, innovative collections: Diesel Living introduces a new style that suits all kind of furniture, perfect for contemporary furnishing and for those who love a post-industrial and advance style. Among their most famous collections, “Cosmic Diner”, in collaboration with Seletti, is formed by plates of different sizes, all inspired by the celestial bodies of the Solar System, while “Machine Collection” is inspired by post-industrial design and creates a series of tableware and accessories shaped like screws, gears and cogs. For Foscarini, instead, Diesel Creative Team proposes a series of lamps with new and futuristic shapes, born from the fusion of various and technogically advanced materials, some covered with Diesel’s original fabrics and some made of elegant handmade blown glass.

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