Berkel Clamp for prosciutto Italiano black
Berkel Clamp for prosciutto Italiano black Berkel Clamp for prosciutto Italiano black

Berkel Clamp for prosciutto Italiano black

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SKU berkel-morsa-prosciutto
Brand Berkel
Designer Wilhelmus Adrianus van Berkel
Product color Black Berkel
Montaggio Assembled
Material Wood
Short Description Wood Clamp for prosciutto Berkel Wilhelmus Andrianus Van Berkel - Base in rosewood colour wood - Structure in stainless steel and finishings in wood - Non-slip silicone rubber feet - Hand-wash - Berkel Clamp for prosciutto Italiano black
Dimension 23 5/8 Inch
Depth INCH 16
Dimension 22 Inch
Height CM 60
Depth CM 16
Width INCH 56
You're reviewing: Berkel Clamp for prosciutto Italiano black
Berkel 1898
Berkel 1898
"The story of the brand Berkel starts in Netherlands, in Rotterdam, in 1898, year in which Wilhelmus Adrianus van Berkel created the commercial society Van Berkel and opened the first establishment for the production of Berkel Flywheel slicers, which differ in the classic full and flower-shaped flywheel. To identify its brand, even today, is the fantastic red colour and the use of fine materials and cutting-edge techniques. Thanks to a still handmade production, the perfection of Berkel slicers is a fundamental value for the well-known brand. Berkel is internationally recognized as a Status Symbol for its reliable, innovative and long-lasting products. They are not just practical objects for the kitchen, Berkel products are luxury goods and elements to decorate your home, having elegant shapes and harmonious movement. Berkel Company does not only deal with the handmade production of slicers, but it instils its centennial experience in the production of professional kitchen knives that will make you feel like a top chef."

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Wilhelmus Adrianus van Berkel was born in 1869 in Enschot, in Netherlands. Van Berkel began his career as a butcher, although his greatest passion was mechanics. Because of the constant complaints of customers on the irregularity of the slices to be cut, he had the innovative idea of creating a machine capable of cutting the slices of meat without having to resort to manual cutting with a knife: a large flywheel that activates a large concave and circular blade and a mobile carriage that move back and forth where the piece of meat to be cut is placed. In 1989, Wilhelmus Adrianus van Berkel founded his first factory in Rotterdam and from that moment, the company had a continuous rise. Berkel's flywheel slicers were more and more required internationally, and the Rotterdam building alone could not meet the ever-increasing demand; factories were built all over Europe and even in the United States, Canada and South America. During the two world wars, the company diversified its production due to the needs caused by the conflict, by manufacturing the machine tools, ships motors and seaplanes for the Dutch government. Wilhelmus Adrianus van Berkel died in 1952, but the company continued its great rise, becoming a very well-known brand in the sector thanks to the full and flower-shaped flywheel slicers.

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