Atipico Crudo Tray 22 2/3x11 in. Black clay

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The wide and complete collection CRUDO by Atipico has been presented at Maison & Object in January 2010. Born thanks to the cooperation of five Italian designers: Robin Bigio, Barbara Busatta, Dario Buzzini, Martin Meier e Oliviero Zanon, CRUDO is generated by the assembly of three noble materials: ceramic, terra-cotta and glass. The natural character and the pureness of the selected materials represent the simplicity of daily life. The pure and the essential is the reference of an easy and funny life. Shop Decor presents the TRAY CRUDO (20,47x11,02 inch H.1,5 inch) made of ceramic black soil and white varnished inside. The TRAY CRUDO can be matched with the Terrine Crudo, made of white ceramic or ceramic black soil. Here it is proposed in the Black clay version.
SKU atipico-crudo-tray-bi-ma-7530
Brand Atipico
Designer Bigio-Busatta-Buzzini-Meier-Zanon
Product color Black clay - Atipico
Montaggio Assembled
Material Ceramic
Short Description Ceramic Tray Atipico Bigio-Busatta-Buzzini-Meier-Zanon - Alimentary use - Atipico Crudo Tray 22 2/3x11 in. Black clay
Light bulb Excluded
Depth INCH 28
Height CM 4
Depth CM 28
Width INCH 52
You're reviewing: Atipico Crudo Tray 22 2/3x11 in. Black clay
Atipico is a brand which presents a young and functional design. The project of Atipico derives from the continuous dialogue and confrontation with the ideas of young designers, with their different abilities, their different points of view, competences and techniques. Completely Made in Italy, Atipico aims to give beauty to every aspect of daily life: the common objects are reinterpreted with new shapes and new materials. Every object is conceived in order to last over the time and to give emotions: objects mustn’t just be used; they provide also pleasure and delight. This is the philosophy at the base of this Italian company from Mantua, which has a leading role in the field of quality design and which offers in an international area one of the excellences of Made in Italy.

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Barbara Busatta, Dario Buzzini, Robin Bigio, Martin Meier and Oliviero Zanon: five designers who has signed a collection of table accessories, produced exclusively by Atipico. These objects belong to the project called “Crudo”, that is inspired by the simplicity and the handcraft, which are typical of the Italian culture, in particular, of the Italian cookery. Simple design, elegant lines and traditional materials, such as glass, ceramic and terracotta, are the distinctive features of this collection of plates, bowls and glasses that taste like tradition.

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