Atipico-Chele-Petrolio-7310.jpg Atipico Chele 68x43 cm tavolino Atipico Chele 68x43 cm tavolino Atipico Chele 68x43 cm tavolino

Atipico Chele 68x43 cm tavolino

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SKU atipico-chele-68x43-p
Brand Atipico
Designer Antonino Sciortino
Montaggio Assembled
Material Metal
Light bulb Excluded
You're reviewing: Atipico Chele 68x43 cm tavolino
Atipico is a brand which presents a young and functional design. The project of Atipico derives from the continuous dialogue and confrontation with the ideas of young designers, with their different abilities, their different points of view, competences and techniques. Completely Made in Italy, Atipico aims to give beauty to every aspect of daily life: the common objects are reinterpreted with new shapes and new materials. Every object is conceived in order to last over the time and to give emotions: objects mustn’t just be used; they provide also pleasure and delight. This is the philosophy at the base of this Italian company from Mantua, which has a leading role in the field of quality design and which offers in an international area one of the excellences of Made in Italy.

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Antonino Sciortino, a designer who is strictly bound to dance. Dance, first passion and first job of this designer coming from Sicily, appears in all his works, which are full of sensuality, soft lines and dancing moving shadows. Antonino Sciortino was born in his brother’s blacksmith shop in one of the suburbs of Bagheria and this on-the -job training led him to master completely the material. New materials, the fun and the movement of dance characterize the works of this artist, who dedicated to the design only once become adult and, though, who presents “fresh” and young works, which adapt well to every environment. His “minimal baroque” belongs to the group of Italian excellence, the group of that creativity and handicraft that make Italy the acknowledged homeland of artists.

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