Seletti Lamp cat Felix

The table lamp Jobby by Seletti in the shape of a cat

The new table lamp "Cat Lamp" designed by Studio Job: it's called Jobby and it's a cat that illuminates the environments with the eyes.
Seletti's Jobby lamp is a 1:1 scale reproduction of Job Smeets' cat and is available in three different colors: white, black and spotted.

The "Cat Lamp" Seletti is a table lamp with rechargeable batteries, therefore without wires, the USB charger is universal and is located just under the tail... yes there... instead the genitals are the switches/dimmers that we will have use to turn on and off Seletti's cat's lighting.
Seletti with Studio Job reinvents the lighting design with irreverent and innovative elements that allows you to position in every corner of your home and/or office.

And why not add the mouse-shaped table lamp to your collection?

Seletti offers a line of table lamps in the shape of a mouse in three different positions: standing, lying down and sitting. Three cute white resin mice that will have fun decorating your rooms. Accompanied by the Jobby lamps they will bring style and irony in your homes!