KnIndustrie KnPro Glass Pot diam. 24 cm transparent

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The innovative and recent pot collection KNPRO was designed in 2012 by architect Massimo Castagna in collaboration with Adele Martelli, exclusively for KnIndustrie. This series of capacious pots has a clean and essential design, enriched by the presence of two steel handles that guarantee a safe grab and a practical product manageability. KNPRO pot is entirely made of borosilicate glass: it creates an original and refined transparency, which will turn ingredients and boiling water into the real cooking protagonists. Thanks to its capacity of 9.5 litres, a diameter of 24 cm and height of 20 cm, its inside can contain up to two practical and functional pasta baskets: entirely made of steel, it is sold separately. Use it as a practical ice bucket to hold your wine or spumante bottles during your parties or evening dinners. Versatility typical of KnIndustrie’s products can be found even in KnPro pots: dishwasher safe, it can be used to cook on hot plates, gas and ceramic hobs, but cooking on induction hobs is possible only through the induction adapter, sold separately. It is possible to activate the product warranty on KnIndustrie’s website.
Brand KnIndustrie
Designer Massimo Castagna
Product Color Transparent
Material Glass
Features Glass Pot KnIndustrie Massimo Castagna - Capacity 9,5 L. - Suitable for gas hob, ceramic hob and grills - No induction - Dishwash allowed with low temperatures - KnIndustrie KnPro Glass Pot diam. 24 cm transparent
Depth CM 24
Dimension 24 cm
Height CM 20
Depth CM 24
Width CM 24
You're reviewing: KnIndustrie KnPro Glass Pot diam. 24 cm transparent

KN INDUSTRIE is born from the encounter between the long-lasting experience in steel working of Pinti family’s Pintoinox and the innovative talent of the designer Francesco Zani. This project was presented for the first time in 2011 in the crucial centre of Milan’s fashion and design, Corso Como. The objective is clear right from the start: creating a series of products in which originality, courage, environment sustainability and innovation join in order to revolutionize the world of international kitchen and to simplify the usage of kitchenware. Objective cleared. All KN INDUSTRIE’s collections have refined and elegant design, characterized by a deep care for details and impeccable quality. The interest for new design tendencies goes along with a careful use of high-quality materials and the use of high technologies. The union of high-tech, accurate selection of materials, high-level gastronomic culture and environmental care give versatility and functionality without parallel to these products. These qualities will help you to cook with style and effectiveness, without renouncing to simplicity, comfort and high performances. Let KN INDUSTRIE’s functionality and refinement conquer you.

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Massimo Castagna is born in 1957. He graduated in architecture in 1984 from Polytechnic University of Milan, and he opened his studio “AD Architettura” in 1986, where he deals with all aspects of architecture and design: he takes care of the realisation and of the preparation of residential buildings and hotels, as well as overseeing interior design and furnishing. His most important work remain the “Piramide” laboratory for the scientific committee Everest-K2-CNR, a structure that lies in Nepal at the height of 5050 mt. He worked on the product design of various brands, such as Ceccotti Collezioni, Minotti poltrone e divani, Acerbis International, Rossana, Gallotti&Radice, Giorgetti, Henge and knIndustrie.

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